Himawari Kunogi – xxxHolic

So I have decided on my next cosplay. My friend Jen and I are going to go as the girls from Holic.  We needed something simple, portable and preferably ones that went together and can be worn in winter conditions.  We’re going to be wearing Yuuko and Himawari at Anime Los Angeles though we’ve not decided on the day(s) we’re going as I think it’s Jen’s first time in LA.  But this was a good cosplay for me as it’s simple, can be recognizable and easily packed away in a suitcase.  It’s only a few pieces and Jen is bringing my shoes over (since I bought them for my Haruhi cosplay a few years ago); just a skirt, shirt, jacket and socks really.  Another stipulation put on by my husband (and rightly so) is that it needs to be cheap.  The only expensive thing for this one is the wig (which I just bought on ebay for $40ishUSD) and the pattern for the jacket which is about $10USD, the fabric really shouldn’t cost very much at all, and the only other investment is time, which is fine by me 🙂  I’m really looking forward to cosplaying with Jen again, the cosplay scene in America sure has been lonely….


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