To Comic Con or not to Comic Con…

I know what you’re thinking ‘What?! You would consider NOT going if you had the chance? Are you nuts?!’  Well maybe I am…  Here is my dilemma.  I live in Jersey, so the cost of the ticket(weekend pass), plus the cost of travel would be about $100 all up.. and that’s just GETTING there; we’re not including food and merch.  And yes, I’m sure many of you are thinking ‘forget about food’ but I’m not that silly.  I need to be able to walk back to the train station without dying of hunger…  Plus carrying any merch I buy for the whole day, and getting it home is going to be a bit of a pain.. :/  Here’s the other thing; by Sept 30th and they STILL hadn’t put up the panel list, how am I supposed to know if I want to go if I don’t know what panels are going to be there? And this is was my last chance to get in on a weekend pass… -.-  I usually go to a con for the panels, if there’s nothing new, or no one I really want to see, what’s the point in dragging myself all the way to the Jacob Javitz Center when it costs so much money and I can’t really take much with me, or home with me?

Then I got to thinking… I’m going back to New Zealand at the end of the year, so really this might be my only chance to get the a CC, let alone the NYCC.  Plus it is a combo ticket with NYAF.  I wanted to go Saturday and Sunday since the panels had FINALLY been put up by Oct 6th, and Saturday had all the cosplay stuff on.  Unfortunately though by the time I had made my decision all the Saturday tickets had been sold out!!! >.< Thanks a LOT Comic Con for not having your act together by SEPT 15TH WHEN YOU TOLD ME YOU’D HAVE THE PANEL SCHEDULE UP!!! Grrrr….  So I missed out on Saturday.  Needless to say I was pissed off.  Wouldn’t you be?  So I ended up sucking it up and just going Sunday to have the experience.  I wish CC had it together like Otakon.. And yes I know.. Otakon has had several years more experience, but the fact is this is CC fifth anniversary.  They should really have it together a bit better by now…  I hope it’s not a disappointment….


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