About The Author

I’m Valerie Huggard and I’m 24 years old.  Born in May that makes me a Taurus and a Tiger.  In 2005 I got married to Aaron Huggard and it’s been wonderful.  I graduated from Union High School in Union, NJ (where I was born and raised) in 2004.  At this point most people go to college or have kids, instead I got married and moved to Auckland, New Zealand as that is where Aaron is from.  I had taken a trip out there to meet him right after finishing high school and fell in love, not just with the man, but with the country.  I lived there for five years, most of that time I worked for New Zealand Insurance (NZI).  I started in the call centre, servicing and underwriting domestic policies, eventually I was head hunted by a different part of the company the Agent Business Centre and instead of dealing with the public I was now dealing exclusively with insurance agents; it was nice to talk to the same people all the time.  I was underwriting commercial, rural and domestic insurances and also took classes to get licensed in the UK and Australia, sadly I left the country one paper (credit) shy, but I can always go back and finish that at another time.  I have learned that insurance is not my passion and that I have already had a mini career at 24.  In 2009 Aaron and I moved to Union to live with my mum for a while.  My dad had died the summer before and we came over to keep my mum company and to help her update the house for sale.  These days I am a real estate agent.  I currently work for Century 21 Atlantic in Roselle Park, NJ. 

When I lived in New Zealand that is when I really started to cosplay.  In NZ the big con is Armageddon.  It is what I would call a ‘travelling con’  It happens in 2 different countries 4 different NZ cities at 3 different times of the year.   Auckland ( or Auckgeddon for short) always happens on Queens Birthday, which is the last weekend in October and is the one I usually attend; though my cosplay troupe Clan Biscuit are very involved in panels (cosplay games mostly) and compete in the competitions at all 4 locations throughout the year.  My first real cosplay was Temari from Naruto, I entered in the competition on my own, but actually had two of my guy friends cosplay with me as Garra and Kankuro, her brothers.  This is how I met my good friend Jess, who would eventually start Clan Biscuit with our other good friend Jen.  I was even on TV for this one!  Though these days I know I have had much better costumes, I get better with each one I construct.  I’ve also lost about 30lbs since moving to America and plan to lose a bit more which should help with my cosplay goals.

Besides cosplay I am an avid reader, mostly of shoujo, teen series and ‘romance’ novels.  I’m pretty normal really.  I play Rockband and sing badly in the car when no one is looking, I play L4D2 and write crazy stories based on dreams, not only that but I made a list of things to accomplish in my life.  My biggest dream is to own a manga shop in Auckland.  I think about it every day!  Manga is my real first love, I remember the day I picked up Mars, and it was amazing!  I must have been about 13 at the time.  Since then my collection has just grown, and it’s gotten to the point where all I want to do is deal with manga all day long, so what better way then to own my own shop?


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