Queen Khalida

Queen Khalida is a miniature produced by Games Workshop.  She is used as part of the Tomb Kings army for the game Warhammer.  You can read her short biography here, but to be very brief she is occasionally raised from the dead to defend her land and her people.  If you couldn’t tell the Tomb Kings are based on the ancient Egyptians.  This costume is being constructed for Games Day 2010 being held in Baltimore, Maryland at the BCC.  If I’m lucky this costume will actually debut at Otakon, a few weeks earlier than GD, which is also at the BCC.

As far as I can tell this is Games Workshop’s first costume contest (at least in the US, GW originated in the UK), there are no rules and from the picture I’m hoping there will be little competition.  In my experience the worlds of cosplay and Warhammer don’t often go hand in hand.  If you’re curious about the other competitions going on during games day check it out.  If I attend the con again I would love to enter into the banner contest.


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