Overwhelming and Underwhelming

Just as the title implies I was not very impressed with Comic Con…  I was overwhelmed by the crowd (making my claustrophobia act up) and underwhelmed with the set up and the running of the con, besides the con itself.  The day didn’t start out very well either.  The train was about 40 minutes late, which really sucks.  I had to take the 7am train in because on sunday’s the train only comes very 2 hours, which means I either get in really early (like 8:30-9) or really late (like 10:30-11).  Since the first panel I wanted to go to was at 10:45 I opted for the early train.  I wouldn’t have really had a problem with it being so late except that it was COLD like 50 out, on the outdoor platform, with no sun (it was very cloudy) and lots of wind.  I ended up pacing the platform to keep warm.  Once I got into the city (after an uneventful train/PATH ride) I hung out at a Starbucks and got something warm to eat as well as a warm place to sit.. x.x

Getting into the con itself was pretty easy actually, since I bought my ticket beforehand I got in the really short fast-moving line, instead of the really long, around the building line for the non pre-reg.  Things then started to get a little crazy…  If you’ve been the JJC then you know it’s full of fairly small hallways (small at least for a con of this magnitude).  It’s separated into blocks (A-E)  All the NYAF things were in block E1, which was basically Anime artists alley and  a few panel rooms, and that was all fine and dandy, I rather liked that it was all together. What annoyed me though is that in the dealers room (Blocks 3B and 3A) all the anime stuff was at the very back wall of 3A, so essentially if I had say 45-1 hour between panels I couldn’t really get to the things I wanted to look at.  I had about enough time to get to the dealers before I had to turn around and head right back to the other side of the con because there were way too many people there.  I ended up missing most of the things I wanted to see because I couldn’t get out of the dealers room >.<  In the end I only got to 2 panels.

The first panel I went to was the Never Ending Closet, which turned out to be a Lolita fashion show, which wasn’t what I was expecting but was fine anyway.  They had a few pieces from I Do Declare which is one of my favorite labels.  The woman who designs the collections is from NY and runs many lolita panels at various cons and I really like her stuff!  Though I once again sat behind the press I did manage to get a few shots in.

The fashion show was alright, I was just mostly annoyed that it started a bit late.

After that I got some lunch (a crappy slice of pizza for $3.50…) while I tried to figure out where the dealers rooms was.  The map I had been given at the con didn’t tell me anything really… I had to ask 3 different con staff because the first 2 didn’t know! (WTF?!) Once I finally got to the dealers room I was greeted by mobs of people…  Here’s a pic of the last isle in the room:

And it wasn’t much better 2 isles up (and it took me about 30-45min of steady walking with the occasional quick glance at a booth to get to this next spot.

I basically spent the rest of the day in the dealers room because it was a big struggle to get out.  There were several cool booths, but not too many cosplayers (not that I blame them, who’d want to be decked out in this crowd?!) 

The only booth I was very happy to run into was the Riese Booth.  I talked to the guys there and learned that it’s a show that SciFi is looking to pick up, it’s Steampunk set and looks very cool, you should check out the site to watch episodes!  It has many SciFi Sweethearts (as I like to call them)  like Gata from Battlestar!  I got a full set of character buttons as they were free and a few character cards as well.  I’m pretty excited for this one.  They finally put up the first episode on the Riese website (I’ve been waiting for it for like 2 weeks…).  I can’t wait to see where they take this, having 10 minute snippets might just kill me.. x.x

So the cosplay was pretty underwhelming, at least what I saw.  But what I did like was that there were several kids in costume, and I mean kids like six and under! Check it out 🙂


That’s right, Old Spice Guy! He was so in character that he posed the entire way down the escalator.  That’s what I call dedication 😛

Once I was finally escaped the dealers room I took a quick peak into the American comic style Artists Alley.  Honestly though it was a bit lost on me as I’m not really a fan of the style, I prefer the softer look of Shojo and American comics just never really struck a chord with me.  I did happen to see a great booth though! There was a Lego brick artist and here is some of his work.

At the end of the day I went to a steampunk panel run by a guy named Danny from Atlanta.  I found his presentation very informative and learned a lot about making armour.  He often uses medical braces, which is very clever!  He was also extremely entertaining with stories and anecdotes 🙂  I had a great time at his panel and would go to another one in a heart beat! He had a lady assisting him and she walked around showing us a few of his pieces.

I almost didn’t stay for this panel as by 3pm I’d really had enough of the con and the crowds and the size of the event, but I’m really glad I stayed as I learned quite a bit at this panel.  He said it was alright to email him with questions, which I thought was really cool.  He also commissions pieces on his website Outland Armour.  He travels around doing panels at many cons, which is admirable on a student budget.

At the end of the day I was glad to go home, my bag was heavy, but sadly so was my wallet.. :/ I probably won’t go to another Comic Con, but at least I know I won’t really be missing much.. not in NY anyway.